• Language: Gilo
  • Created: 1997
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code:
  • Language family: international auxiliary language
  • Script:

A constructed language by Alan Giles.

The first international auxiliary language to use the English vocabulary as a base. It also uses the Roget system to classify the meanings of the words.

Language sources: Esperanto & Glosa

All words to be categorized by meaning. Categorization system based on Roget's Thesaurus. Words to be based on those with maximum international usage. Vocabulary based on English words as a first choice. Root words (those used to form compound words) to be as short as possible. Multi-syllable English words used as root words are reduced to main syllable.Most frequently used words (Core Words) to be as short as possible. Core Words are generally one, two or three letter Root Words.Sentence word order to be the same as the most commonly used languages: Subject, Verb, Object (SVO) word order chosen as in English, Chinese, etc. Sentence word order to be 'logical' with regard to revelation of meaning as soon as possible. Nouns & Verbs to precede modifiers (adjectives & adverbs). Verbs to be identifiable by inflected tense endings Verbs end in -az, oz, ez, uz, iz.Adjectives & adverbs to be identifiable by inflected endings. Adjectives & adverbs end in -a.Questions to be identified at the beginning of the sentence: Leading question word k, acting as leading question mark (?).Maximum flexibility of word use. Affixes can be added to all root words so they can be used as nouns, verbs or modifiers.