it-Cejdijtung, Ctung


  • Language: it-Cejdijtung, Ctung
  • Created: 1996
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code:
  • Language family: personal language
  • Script:

A constructed language by Anthony Lawless, Evan Gallagher, Jan Havliš, Jim Morgan.

It has special particle frame construction for expression of e.g. cases; it combines German, Japanese, Welsh and constructed word roots and uses script derived from Coptic one.

Language sources: Germanic languages (Icelandic, Norse, German), Japanese and Welsh. Recently, there is a tendency to make new words pseudo a posteriori via indirect etymology from words already loaned from these languages to Ctung.

Ctung was formerly called it-Penginitung or Ptung, as it was language of on-line community called Penguinea. After the community was transformed into Polyphony, Jim Morgan and Jan Havliš decided to continue Ptung on as Ctung. The very basic principles say that verbs come mostly from the Germanic substrate, abstract nouns and philosophical forms from Japanese and other nouns from Welsh. The rest just comes from the aesthetic feelings...

It is nice game, if I may say it so. You can enchant the language with your own visions of world.