• Language: Kankonian
  • Created: 1997
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code:
  • Language family: fictional language
  • Script:

A constructed language by James E. F. Landau.

Kankonian is atavistic, i.e. every single native word comes directly from what the human brain perceives as the most "natural" set of sounds for that idea.

Language sources: Arguably Hebrew/Arabic, Latin, Greek and Nahuatl played a part in its phonology and grammatical concerns, but I tried as much as possible to stay with my own instincts, as if I had never been exposed to language before, when creating Kankonian. Klingon helped as inspiration for creating a language associated with an extraterrestrial world.

The large vocabulary, the beautiful, exotic Middle-Eastern-ish sound of the language, the Kankonian culture associated with this language. People tell me they like the soothing otherworldliness of the Kankonian universe. One German scientist was even referred to the language's site by a search engine after he had a dream about the word "alsazar". He wrote me and said he found strange connections between the lives of the two of us.