• Language: Kaupelanese
  • Created: 1970
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code:
  • Language family: fictional diachronic language
  • Script:

A constructed language by Paulo Eduardo Fran├ža Padilha.

It has been created to be the language of the Kingdom of Kaupelan and to seem as 'natural' as possible, although strange and exotic. Its grammar was based on Austronesian languages and its vocabulary was created from a basic kernel with different influences from fictional or natural languages. Many loanwords were added to this basis, from Asiatic (Indonesian, Sanskrit) and European languages (Portuguese, English).

Language sources: It was inspired by natural languages such as Indonesian, Tagalog and Eastern Indonesian languages. A constructed language (now called Old Hubian), which was created without any conscious influence of other languages, was used as the basis of Modern Kaupelanese vocabulary.

To have a believable language in its vocabulary, structure and rules. Its vocabulary has an etymological development. Its grammar is relatively simple, without declensions and with a reduced number of affixes. Many foreign words are 'kaupelanized' and adapted to its phonological constraints.

For decades, the language has been restricted to a reduced number of friends and relatives. From 2002 on, with some resources available on the web, the interest on it increased. More material will be available soon (dictionary, grammar) and possibly many people can be interested in it.