Oro Mpaa


  • Language: Oro Mpaa
  • Created: 2002
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code:
  • Language family: fictional language
  • Script:

A constructed language by Christian Thalmann.

Oro Mpaa (pronounced [u.4um.'ba.a] has a rather unconventional but internally consistent phonology with phrasal sandhi, and a mostly isolating analytical syntax. Verbs have only two forms: Weak and Strong (non-finite and finite). Adjectives are verbs, too.

Language sources: The vocabulary is closely related to my conlang Obrenje. The languages are geographic neighbors.

On one hand, I wanted to depart from my usual propensity for noun cases and free word order by making an analytic language. The phonology is intended to be challenging and evoke a certain "jungle vibe".

The language is spoken by the people of Tao Ttoua, a tropical peninsula in the world of the Creative Conclave. Tao Ttoua has its origins in the conworld Pii by Natalia Laurila et al.