• Language: Ouranian-Barbaric
  • Created: 1980
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code:
  • Language family: fictional language
  • Script:

A constructed language by Peter Carroll and others.

Ouranian-Barbaric (O-B) is a "barbarous tongue", a language for the creation of magical spells and incantations. O-B is the most extensive language of its kind created in the modern era, used mostly by Chaos Magicians.

Language sources: O-B is a "channeled" language, where words are devised in a state of expanded consciousness, similar to Enochian, the Elizabethan occult language of Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly.

The most important element in constructing O-B syntax is that it is a "Vernacular-Prime" language. Vernacular Prime or V-Prime syntax is a mode in which all use of all tenses of the verb "to be" is omitted. V-Prime is a syntax consisting only of active verbs -- there is no 'are' or 'to be'; there is no 'is'. All is what it does, or what it appears as, not what it is.The other unique aspect of O-B syntax is that all personal pronouns are plural. There is no "I" or "my", only "we" or "our". O-B assumes the collective nature of all consciousness in the working of magic. When constructing O-B phrasing, past and future states of doing are probabilistic -- there is no absolute certainty. There are no concepts of causality in Barbaric, only degrees of probable association. There are no definite articles in O-B. All verbs are totally regular (for simplicity). O-B grammar is arbitrary; when transliterating into Barbaric, one should use a variety of unfamiliar grammars while striving to avoid ambiguity of meaning.