• Language: Sathir
  • Created: 2003
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code:
  • Language family: personal language
  • Script:

A constructed language by David J. Peterson.

Sathir is an ergative, infixing, VOS language, which is nothing new, but it features a binary definite/indefinite system (comprised solely of the definite infix /-t-/) that divides everything in the language: definite marking on nouns; past tense vs. non; perfect vs. imperfect; referential vs. non-referential; near vs. far; WH-words vs. conjunctions; reality vs. irreality; first-hand knowledge vs. second-hand knowledge; etc.

Language sources: Sathir was mainly inspired by Malagasy, Tagalog, Fijian and Ancient Greek.

I've tried to make Sathir like many of the Polynesian languages, where a single phonetic form is used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb or even preposition, and the only way to determine what role the form plays in the sentence is to look at the word order and the morphology. The idea is that no word is classified as a noun or verb, etc., but, rather, can be used in any way.