• Language: Budukh
  • Alternate names: Budugh, Budux, budad mez, будад мез, Budug, Budugi, Bukukhi, Buduq dili, будухский язык, будугский язык
  • Language code: bdk
  • Language family: North Caucasian, East Caucasian, Lezgic, Nuclear Lezgic, South Lezgic (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers:
  • Vulnerability: Threatened
  • Script: Unwritten.

More information:

    Muslim (Sunni).

    The Budukh language, together with the Kryz and the Khinalug languages, belongs to the Shahdag subgroup of the Dagestan (Lezgian-Samur) group of Caucasian languages. The Budukh language is related only to Kryz; Shahdag languages are related geographically rather than linguistically. (The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire)