Chiquian-Bolognesi and Cajatambo Quechua


  • Language: Chiquian-Bolognesi and Cajatambo Quechua
  • Alternate names: Alto Pativilca
  • Language code: qva, qvh, qvm
  • Language family: Quechuan; Quechua I (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers: 245,800
  • Vulnerability: Vulnerable
  • Script:

More information:

    Sources differ greatly with respect to Quechuan languages and varieties, both with respect to which may be separate languages vs. which just dialects of the same language, and with respect to how to classify them. The question of how to distinguish between entities that are dialects of a single language vs. those that are separate languages is particularly serious in the case of Quechuan languages and dialects, and much work remains to be done. Though it is well-known and very clear that there are a number of distinct languages in Quechuan, some very distinct, the tendency to consider them all merely dialects of “Quechua” persists in many circles. (Cerrón-Palomino 1987.)Ethnologue distinguishes three "languages" here where others consider them variants of a single one:Quechua, Ambo-Pasco [qva]Quechua, Huamalíes-Dos de Mayo Huánuco [qvh]Quechua, Margos-Yarowilca-Lauricocha [qvm]