• Language: Comanche
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code: com
  • Language family: Uto-Aztecan, Northern Uto-Aztecan, Numic, Central (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers: <100
  • Vulnerability: Endangered
  • Script: Latin script.

More information:

    "Ten years ago, the Lawton-based Comanche Nation had an estimated 100 speakers. It’s not known how many speakers are left in the 15,000-strong tribe today, but Cable-Kreger said she can count fluent speakers she knows on one hand." (2014)."Today, about a dozen generations after its prime, the language endures only through a handful of native speakers - as few as 25 out of the Comanche Nation's approximately 15,000 registered members - but they are dying off and taking the legacy with them.'It's definitely going extinct in the sense that what we're losing is intergenerational transmission of the language," Williams said. "In other words, kids aren't learning it.'" (2009).