Gansu Bonan


  • Language: Gansu Bonan
  • Alternate names: Islamic Bonan, Moslem Bonan, Baoan, Bao'an, Baonan, Baongan, 甘肅保安語, 積石山保安語
  • Language code: peh
  • Language family: Mongolic-Khitan, Mongolic, Southern Periphery Mongolic, Shirongol, Baoanic
  • Number of speakers: 10,000-15,000
  • Vulnerability: Threatened
  • Script:

More information:

    Jishishan Bonan in Gansu officially classified within Baoan (Bao’an) nationality and moved into Jishishan from Tongren in 1858–1863, while Tongren Bonan in Qinghai officially classified within Tu nationality. Muslim (Sunni), Buddhist (Lamaist), traditional religion.

    The ISO code [peh] covers both Gansu Bonan and Qinghai Bonan, but the most recent linguistic references recognize these two as distinct and separate.Nationality of speakers: Bonan; This nationality does not comprise the speakers of Qinghai Bonan, who are classified as members of the "Tu" nationality. Due to differences in religion, the base of bilingualism, languages of education and, since the mid 19th century also location, the two forms of speech are distinct, though still closely related languages.