• Language: Himarimã
  • Alternate names: Hi-Merimã, Hi-Marimã, Maimã
  • Language code: hir
  • Language family: Unclassified (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers: No one knows.
  • Vulnerability: Dormant
  • Script:

More information:

    Essentially uncontacted.

    It was through oral reports, for instance, that most of the information known about the Hi-Merimã, who live the region of the mid-Piranha River, between the Juruá and the Purus rivers, in the State of Amazonas, was obtained. In 1943, this Indian group, which became known for their conflicts with neighboring populations, was estimated as having more than 1,000 individuals. No one knows how many they are today: the Hi-Merimã rejected any contact with the encroaching society, and even with other Indians, with whom they maintain, even today, hostile relations. (Povos Indígenas no Brasil, https://pib.socioambiental.org/pt/c/no-brasil-atual/quem-sao/Indios-isolados, accessed 06-07-2016.Some sources have estimated 40 in the group, but how this number was reached is uncertain.