• Language: Katukina
  • Alternate names: Catuquina, Pidádiapá, Catuquino, Katukína, Katukina do Jutaí
  • Language code: kav
  • Language family: Katukinan (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers: 550
  • Vulnerability: Vulnerable
  • Script:

More information:

    Different from Panoan Katukína (See: [[Katukína, Panoan]]) in Amazonas and Acre.

    The number of distinct languages within Katukinan is not certain, and Katukina and Kanamarí may not be distinct languages. Campbell (2012:91) has Dyapá (dialects or languages) (also known as Southern Katukinan, Tshom-Djapá [Txunhuã-Djapá], Canamarí, Kanamarí) (perhaps the same as Tucundiapa (Tucano Dyapa, Hondiapa/Hon-Dyapá)]).Aikhenvald and Dixon (1999: 343) have for Katukinan: Kanamarí, Katukina do Biá, Txunhuã-Djapá, and Katawixí. Adelaar (2007: 180) has two languages, Katawixi and Katukina Lato, which has three varieties: Kanamarí,Katukina do Biá, and Tyohon Dyapa.