Lowland Mixe


  • Language: Lowland Mixe
  • Alternate names: Isthmus Mixe, Eastern Mixe, Guichicovi Mixe, Mixe del Istmo
  • Language code: mco, mir, mzl, pxm
  • Language family: Mixe-Zoquean; Mixean (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers: 50,900
  • Vulnerability: Vulnerable
  • Script:

More information:

    An "emergent language" belonging to Oaxaca Mixe.Ethnologue distinguishes Coatlán Mixe [mco], Mazatlán Mixe [mzl], Isthmus Mixe [mir], and Quetzaltepec Mixe [pxm], which others do not distinguish as separate languages.