• Language: Lushootseed
  • Alternate names: Snohomish, Skagit, Swinomish, Skaǰət
  • Language code: lut, sno, ska
  • Language family: Salishan; Central Salish (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers: 5
  • Vulnerability: Endangered
  • Script:

More information:

    Lushootseed is a complex of closely related Central Salish dialects spoken in the Puget Sound area of Washington (older sources refer to it as Puget Sound Salish). The principal modern communities in which Lushootseed is the heritage language include the Upper Skagit, Swinomish, Suquamish, Muckleshoot, Puyallup, and Nisqually Reservations, and especially the Tulalip Reservation near Marysville. Lushootseed is now spoken as a first language by fewer than 5 elderly people out of a total population of over 18,000. Ethnologue (2016) distinguishes 4 Lushootseed languages: Lushootseed [lut], Southern Puget Sound [slh], Skagit [ska], Snohomish [sno].