• Language: Matsés
  • Alternate names: Mayoruna, Matse, Matís, Majoruna, Matsés, Maxuruna, Majuruna, Mayiruna, Maxirona, Magirona, Mayuzuna, Majoruna-Matsés
  • Language code: mcf, pig
  • Language family: Pano-Tacanan; Mayoruna (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers: 2200
  • Vulnerability: Threatened
  • Script:

More information:

    Names involving many Panoan languages (branch of Pano-Tacanan) are confused and conflict with one another in the sources. Some were mentioned long ago and repeated though without precise information about to which group they refer and whether one group may be known by several names or whether a single name may be applied to different groups. Some of these imprecise names include: Mayoruna, Mayo, Maya, Pisabo (Pisagua, Pisahua), etc.For Fleck (2013), 'Mayoruna' names a branch of Panoan; 'Mayo' names a subgroup in that branch, which contains the real languages Matsés, Kulina of the Curuçá River, and extinct Demushbo. The names 'Mayo' and 'Maya' in the literature were homonymous with 'Mayoruna', and 'Pisabo' was said to be a 'Mayoruna' sub-tribe. A;lso, the name 'Quixito' was a homonym with 'Mayo'.Ethnologue's Pisabo [pig] (600 speakers in Peru in 2006), and Crevels' (2012: 186) Maya (Quixito) (400 speakers, 400 ethnic population in Brazil) are subsumed here under Matsés as the primary representative of the Mayo subgroup.