• Language: Nadëb
  • Alternate names: Nadobo, Nadëb, Nadeb Macu, Makú Nadëb, Makunadöbö, Anodöub, Kabori, Kabari, Xiriwai, Xuriwai, Nadöbo, Kaburí language area, Kaburi
  • Language code: mbj
  • Language family: Puinavean, Kaburi (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers: 370
  • Vulnerability: Endangered
  • Script: Latin script.

More information:

    Ruhlen (1987) and others classify it as Puinave in Macro-Tucanoan. Seminomadic.

    Some sources have a Nadëb branch composed of two languages. Martins and Martins (1999: 253) have a branch called “Nadëb-Kuyawi”, composed of Nadëb and Kuyawi; Campbell (2012:96) has a Nadëb branch that includes Roçado Nadëb and Rio Negro Nadëb; and Crevels (2012:185) has Kuyabi as a separate language from Nadëb. However Martins (2005:17-18) show that there are not two separate languages but two dialects, Nadëb do Roçado and Nadëb do Rio Negro (this latter one the same as Kuyawi. The Nadëb language can be divided into three dialects: the dialect of Bua-bua Parana in Lake Jutaí, the dialect of Roçado (Uneiuxi River with its highest concentration in the community of Roçado) and the Rio Negro dialect. The Rio Negro dialect is also known for Kuyawi (Matins 2005:18).