• Language: Pinai-Hagahai
  • Alternate names: Aramaue, Aramo, Erem, Hagahai, Miamia, Pinai, Pinaye, Wapi
  • Language code: pnn
  • Language family: Piawi (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers: 600
  • Vulnerability: Vulnerable
  • Script: Latin script.

More information:

    Ethnic autonym: Pinai by Enga Province speakers; Hagahai by those in Madang Province. Ethnonym: Wapi or Miamia, sometimes used by Enga; Aramo by Haruai (See: [[Haruai]]) speakers. Medical workers report widespread health problems.

    Laycock (1973) lists Pinai (Pinaye, Wapi) and Aramaue as two separate languages, but these are treated as one language by Melliger (2000). A third possible language, "Erem", is listed by Laycock based on an uncensused village, but he writes: "It is quite probable that the language spoken there is Pinai."