Red Gelao


  • Language: Red Gelao
  • Alternate names: Voa Dê, Vandu Gelao, 紅仡佬, Cờ Lao, 仡佬語阿歐方言, A-ou, A-uo
  • Language code: gir
  • Language family: Tai-Kadai, Kadaic, Southwestern Kra, Western Kra, Gelaoic, Northern Gelao, Ahouic
  • Number of speakers: <6,000
  • Vulnerability: Endangered
  • Script:

More information:

    Part of the Co Lao 2,636 (2009 census) official ethnic community. Not mutually intelligible with White Gelao (See: [[Duoluo]]) (2002 J. Edmondson). Traditional religion.

    Red Gelao is spoken in China, Vietnam, Southeast Asia;East Asia.