Sierra Miwok


  • Language: Sierra Miwok
  • Alternate names: Central Sierra Miwok: Tuolumne, Central Sierra Miwok, Northern Sierra Miwok: Seroushamne, Northern Sierra Miwok, Southern Sierra Miwok: Southern Sierra Miwok, Mewoc, Miwoc, Talatui, Talutui, Mok√©lumne, Moquelumnan, San Raphael, Me-Wuk, Yosemite, Meewoc, Sawos
  • Language code: csm, nsq, skd
  • Language family: Utian; Miwokan (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers:
  • Vulnerability: Dormant
  • Script:

More information:

    Part of Eastern Miwok; often three emergent languages are distinguished in the Sierra Miwok dialect complex: Northern Sierra Miwok [nsq, skd], Central Sierra Miwok, and Southern Sierra Miwok [skd]. Here we follow Golla (2011:160) in treating these varieties as dialects rather than as separate languages; Callaghan noted "at least partial mutual intelligibility throughout the dialect continuum" (Golla 2011:160). Central Sierra Miwok has the subdialects: West Central; East Central. Northern Sierra Miwok has the subdialects: Fiddletown; Ione; West Point; Camanche. Southern Sierra Miwok has the subdialects: Yosemite; Mariposa; Southern.