Simba Guaraní


  • Language: Simba Guaraní
  • Alternate names: Simba Guaraní, Western Bolivian Guaraní, Chiriguano, Ava, GuaraSimba,
  • Language code: gnw
  • Language family: Tupian, Tupí-Guaraní, Guaraní, Guaraní, Bolivian Guaraní (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers: Unknown
  • Vulnerability: Threatened
  • Script: Latin script.

More information:

    Traditional religion, Christian.

    The classification of some Guaraní varieties is uncertain and controversial. For Dietrich (2007), Simba belongs to the Chiriguano group which is composed of various dialects, with Tapiete as a separate but very closely related language, and with Simba, Chané, and Izoceño are subdialects of Ava; the Chané are the modern decendants of Izoceño. Rodrigues and Cabral (2012) have Chiriguano, with Ava and Simba as its dialects.