• Language: Siriano
  • Alternate names: Sirianó, Siriana, Desano-Siriano, Chiranga, Desano-Siriano, Siria-Masã, Sarirá, Cirnga, Si-Ra, Sura Masa, Siriane, Surianá, Surirá, Suryana
  • Language code: sri
  • Language family: Tucanoan, Eastern Tucanoan, Desano-Siriano (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers:
  • Vulnerability: Dormant
  • Script: Latin script.

More information:

    Ethnic differences are important due to the system of exogamy, and persons are identified by L1 of father. Traditional religion, Christian.

    Siriano [sri] and Desano [des] are not considered separate languages Desano (Desano-Siriano) by several scholars. (Cf. Campbell 2012:107.)"Lexical similarity: 90% with Desano [des], but the 2 languages diverge in their use of grammatical suffixes (Crevels 2007)" (Ethnologue 2013).