• Language: Aghul
  • Alternate names: Aghul-ch’al, Agul, Aghul
  • Language code: agx
  • Language family: Nakh-Daghestanian, Daghestanian, Lezgic, Samur, Eastern Samur, Tabasaran-Aghul-Lezgi, Aghul-Lezgi
  • Number of speakers: 29,300 (2010 census)
  • Vulnerability: Threatened [Read more...]
  • Script: Cyrillic script

More information:


    Aghul is a language spoken by the Aguls who live in southern Dagestan, Russia and in Azerbaijan.

    Source: Wikipedia
    Dagestan on Russian map

    During the Soviet era, the main goal of the Soviet power in Dagestan was the creation of a unified Dagestan people. For this purpose the smaller ethnic groups were first planned to be fused with bigger ones which in their turn were expected to become russified. For the Aguls the language of primary consolidation was to be Lezgi. Its use increased to a certain extent in the 1950s but the expected transition did not take place.

    In the decades following the use of Russian has grown quite considerably, but in comparison with Lezgi its advance has not been so direct and it has not restricted the spheres of Agul usage as the geographical areas of the two languages lack a common border. According to present prognosis the Aguls will continue their existence if they are able to preserve their present isolation and territorial unity.