• Language: Kumandy-Kizhi
  • Alternate names: Kumandï, Kumandin, Kubandy, Kuvanty
  • Language code: datvk
  • Language family: Turkic, Common Turkic, Central Siberian Turkic, South Siberian Turkic
  • Dialect of: Altai, Northern
  • Number of speakers: 738
  • Script: Cyrillic script.

More information:


    Baskakov (1958) describes the Kumandy Kizhi as living along "the banks of the Biya between the tributaries Lebed' and Balyksu in the Aymak Turačak of the Gorno-Altai Autonomous Region (villages of Šunarak, Surbaševo and north of the mouth of the Lebed' - in the rural settlements of Sanjkin and Tondoška) as well as in the Solton districts (Koobiya, Urtay, Pešper, etc. villages) and Starobardin (villages of Koža-bažy, Narlyk, Ak-kül, Čegening, Kurlek, etc.) in the Altai region.

    Baskakov lists three dialects:

    The Kumandy-Kizhi Verb