Amis, Nataoran


  • Language: Amis, Nataoran
  • Alternate names: Nataoran, Natawran, Tauran
  • Language code: ais
  • Language family: Austronesian, East Formosan, Central East Formosan, Amis
  • Number of speakers: 5
  • Vulnerability: Endangered [Read more...]
  • Script: Category

More information:


    Amis, Nataoran is a language of Taiwan. It is spoken in Hualien area and north of Fenglin.


    Cikosowan, Kaliyawan (Kaliyuawan), Nataoran, Natawran, Pokpok, Ridaw, Sakizaya (Sakiray, Sakiraya). Not generally understood by other Amis. Sakizaya dialect is even more divergent from Central Amis (See: Amis). In recent years dialects converged. Lexical similarity: 50% with Central Amis.

    The Amis, Nataoran Verb