Dzao Min


  • Language: Dzao Min
  • Alternate names: Ba Pai Yao, Yao Min, Yau Min, Zaomin
  • Language code: bpn
  • Language family: Hmong-Mien, Mienic
  • Number of speakers: 60000
  • Script: Category

More information:


    Dzao Min is a language of China. It is spoken in Northern Guangdong Province, Liannan and Yangshan counties; south Hunan Province, Yizhang county.


    Not intelligible with other Mienic languages. Lexical similarity: 61% with Iu Mien (See: Iu Mien), 59% with Kim Mun (See: Kim Mun), 58% with Biao-Jiao Mien (See: Biao-Jiao Mien?).

    The Dzao Min Verb