Finnish, Värmland


  • Language: Finnish, Värmland
  • Alternate names: Vermlannin suomi, Vermlannin savolaismurre, Finnish of forest finns
  • Language code: dfinv
  • Language family: Uralic, Finnic, Coastal Finnic, Neva, North Finnic, Nuclear Finnish
  • Dialect of: Finnish
  • Number of speakers: Extinct
  • Script: Latin script

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    Source: Helsinki University 5.10.1961.
    One of the last forest finns:
    Johannes Johansson-Oinoinen
    AKA 'Jussi of Niittaho'.

    Forest Finns are people of Finnish descent in the forest areas of Eastern Norway and Central Sweden. The Forest Finns emigrated from Savonia in Eastern Finland during the late 16th and early to mid 17th centuries, and traditionally pursued slash-and-burn agriculture.

    The Forest Finns spoke an Eastern Finnish Savolax dialect. They also had family names typical for Eastern Finland traditions, such as Tarvainen. Today, remnants of the language and dialect can be traced in the place-names that still remain in many Forest Finn areas, especially in the names of small lakes (Fi. lampi), swamps (Fi. suo) and small mountains (Fi. mäki).

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    Source: Photograph by Erik Lindberg 2009
    Memorial stone describing how the Finns settled this part of Sweden.
    Source: Photograph by Erik Lindberg 2009
    Myllylä, a typical place dwelled by Forest Finns. At Myllylä (Kvarntorp in Swedish)you find an old finnish settlement with “smoke-house” where the big stone-oven has no chimney. The smoke was let out into the room (for heating) and was let out through a hatch in the roof when it sank too low.
    Source: Photograph by Erik Lindberg 2009
    Myllylä, a typical place dwelled by Forest Finns.


    Kuvauksia kielen- ja kulttuurintutkimusmatkoista Vermlannin metsäsuomalaisten pariin.

    Anneli Koposen tutkimus Vermlannin kielestä verrattuna rautalampilaisten puhumaan kieleen.

    kielten tutkimuskeskuksen julkaisuja 109, 1999.

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