• Language: Gafat
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code: gft
  • Language family: Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, West Semitic, Ethiosemitic, South Ethiopic, Outer South Ethiopic, N-Group
  • Number of speakers:
  • Script:

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    The Gafat language is an extinct South Ethiopic language once spoken along the Blue Nile in Ethiopia, and later, speakers pushed south of Gojjam in what is now East Welega Zone. Gafat was related to the Harari language and Gurage languages. The records of this language are extremely sparse. There is a translation of the Song of Songs written in the 17th or 18th Century held at the Bodleian Library.

    The Gafat Verb

    Main affirmative pastqättälä
    Main negative pastal-qättäla-m
    Relative affirmative pastyä-qättälä
    Relative negative pasty-al-qättälä
    Main affirmative non-pastyəqätəl
    Main negative non-pastt-iqätl-am
    Relative affirmative non-pastyəqätəl
    Relative negative non-pasta-yqätəl