Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Greenlandic
  • Alternate names: Kalaallisut
  • Language code: kal
  • Language family: Eskimo-Aleut, Eskimo, Inuit-Inupiaq
  • Number of speakers: 57000
  • Script: Latin script.


Greenlandic is an Eskimo–Aleut language with about 57,000 speakers, mostly Greenlandic Inuit people in Greenland. It is closely related to the Inuit languages in Canada such as Inuktitut. It is the most widely spoken Eskimo-Aleut language.

The verb in Greenlandic is the only word that is required in a sentence. Since verbs inflect for number and person of both subject and object, the verb is in fact a clause itself.

The Greenlandic Verb

The Greenlandic verb word consists of a root, followed by derivational suffixes/postbases and then inflectional suffixes. Tense and aspect are marked by optional suffixes between the derivational and the inflectional suffixes.


a'arpoq, aaffanniarpoq, aaffanniusiorpoq, aaffanniutaaruppoq, aaffappoq, aaffarmiippoq, aakilliorpoq, aalajavoq, aalaqqajuppoq, aalavoq, aalisarpaa, aalisarpoq, aallarpoq, aapaalingiagaa, aapavoq, aappalaarpoq, aappalajaarpoq, aappalajappoq, aappallarippoq, aappaluarpoq, aappalujappoq, aappalukujuppoq, aappalunguserpoq, aappaluppoq, aappillerpoq, aaqarpoq, aarlorussivoq, aavaa, aavariarpoq, aavarpaa, aavarpoq, aavoq, agguaappai, agguarpaa, agiorpoq, ajornanngilaq, ajornarpoq, ajorpaa, ajorpoq, ajorsaarivoq, ajunngilaq, ajuusaarnarpoq, ajuusaarpoq, akoqanngilaq, akoqarpoq, akueraa, akuliuppoq, alanngialavoq, aliortorpoq, allappoq, allivaa, allivoq, anersaarpoq, anersaaruluppoq, angaluppoq, angerlarpoq, angivoq, angoorpoq, anguvoq, anigorpaa, anivoq, annernarpoq, annerpoq, annertusivoq, anniarpoq, annilaangavoq, annilaarpoq, anorliorpoq, aperivoq, aquppaa, artornaqaaq, asseqanngilaq, ateqarpoq, atisalersorpaa, ativaa, atorpaa, atorpoq, atorsinnaavoq, atserpaa, attartorpoq, atuarpaa, atuarpoq, avannarparpoq, baaliarpoq, biilerpoq, bingorpoq, børsterpaa, eqalussuannguvoq, eqqaanarpoq, eqqaavaa, eqqarsarpoq, eqqartorpaa, eqqumiippoq, erfalavoq, erinarsorpoq, errorpaa, errorsivoq, erruivoq, filmiliorpoq, guutipilussiorpoq, igavoq, ikinngutigaa, ikorpoq, ilaajunnaarsippaa, ilannguppaa, ilikkarpoq, ilinneq, ilinniarpoq, ilinniartitsivoq, ilippoq, ilisimasassarsiorpoq, ilisimatusarpoq, ilisimavaa, iluaqutigaa, ilungersorpoq, imaappoq, imerajuppoq, imerpoq, iminngerpoq, inappaa, inatsivoq, inerpoq, inissisimavoq, inunngorpoq, inuusuppoq, inuuvoq, ippeqivoq, isaqqilavoq, iserpaa, iserpoq, isiginnaartitsivoq, issulipoq, isumaa oqippoq, isumaappoq, isumagissaarpoq, isumaliorpoq, isumaluppoq, isumaqarpoq, isumaqatiginninniarpoq, isumavoq, itigarpoq, itigartippaa, kajorpoq, katersuuppoq, kiappoq, killilerpaa, kipivaa, kukkuvoq, kunippaa, kunissivoq, kusagaa, kusanarpoq, marserpaa, marserpoq, matuerpaa, meeqqerivoq, mersorpoq, mianeraa, mianersoqquaa, mianersorpoq, mikivoq, milippaa, milippoq, millivaa, millivoq, mippoq, misissorpaa, naalakkerpaa, naalliuutigaa, naappoq, naartuvoq, naatsorsuivoq, nakimavoq, nakimmappoq, naleqqiuppoq, nalunaaqutserpaa, nalunaqaaq, nalunarpoq, naluvoq, napparpaa, napparpoq, naqippaa, naqiterpaa, naqitsivoq, nassaaraa, nerivaa, nerivoq, nipaappoq, niperujoorpoq, nipilersorpoq, niuerpoq, niviorpaa, niviorpoq, noqartorpaa, nuannaarpoq, nuannaraa, nuannerpoq, nuappaa, nuappoq, nuffarliorpoq, nuiavoq, nuivoq, nuna sajuppoq, nutserivoq, oqallipput, oqaluppoq, oqaluttuarpoq, oqarfigaa, oqarpoq, paasissaalluanngilaq, paasivaa, pasillerpaa, pasivaa, peqarpoq, peqqiippoq, peqqippoq, periarfissippaa, pigaa, pilappoq, pilerpoq, pillammaavoq, pilluarpoq, pingaarpoq, pinnguarpoq, pissaavoq, pissusissamisoorpoq, pissutaaqataavoq, pisuppoq, pisuujuvoq, pualavoq, pujoorpoq, pulaarpoq, qaanni assattorpaa, qaarpoq, qangatavoq, qannerpoq, qaqorpoq, qaserpoq, qasunarpoq, qasuvoq, qatanngutigaa, qernerpoq, qiiavoq, qimaavoq, qingakkoorpoq, qipoqqarpoq, qorsorpaluppoq, quiasaarpoq, quiasuppoq, qulaappaa, qulisimavoq, raajarpoq, sajuppoq, sakavoq, sakkortuvoq, sanguvoq, sapernarpoq, saperpaa, saqqummerpoq, seqinnerpoq, sikkilerpoq, sinippoq, siulittuutigaa, sivikigaa, sivikippoq, sivisuvoq, soqutigaa, soqutiginnippoq, sorsuppaa, sorsuppoq, sukkavoq, suleqatigiipput, suliaraa, suliassiivoq, suliassippaa, sulivoq, sungaarpoq, taamaappoq, taamaattumik, taasivoq, taavaa, takivoq, takuaa, takusarpaa, tallivaa, tallivoq, tarajorpaa, tassaarpoq, tassaavoq, tiguaa, tiingavoq, tikippoq, timmivoq, tingivoq, tinuvoq, tissappoq, tissassarpaa, toqqarpaa, toquppaa, toquvoq, torlorpaa, tulluuppoq, tumaasaavoq, tungujorpoq, tuniniarpaa, tunngavoq, tusarnaarpoq, tusarpaa, tuttunniarpoq, uffarpaa, uffarpoq, ukamarpoq, ukioqarpoq, ulapippoq, ulorianarpoq, unnuivoq, uppippoq, uterpoq, utertippaa, uumavoq, uunarpoq, uunnappaa.