Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Hunsrik
  • Alternate names: Hunsriker, Rio Grand Hunsriker, Hunsrückisch, hunsriqueano
  • Language code: hrx
  • Language family: Indo-European, Classical Indo-European, Germanic, Northwest Germanic, West Germanic, High German, Middle German, West Middle German, Rhenish Franconian
  • Number of speakers: 3000000
  • Script: Latin script.

More information:


    Hunsrik is a Moselle Franconian language derived primarily from the Hunsrückisch dialect of West Central German. The language has some recognition mainly in Brazil. It is an integral part of the historical and cultural heritage of Rio Grande do Sul since 2012, and is considered an immaterial cultural heritage of Santa Catarina since 2016. It is also a co-official language in the municipalities of Antônio Carlos, Santa Maria do Herval and São João do Oeste. In Brazil, Hunsrik is spoken in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná. The language is also spoken in some regions of the Northeast of Argentina and Southeast of Paraguay.

    The Hunsrik Verb

    The conjugation of Hunsrik verbs is much simpler than that of German; for most verbs, only the present tense is conjugated. Other tenses are formed with auxiliaries.

    Separable prefixes

    Like in German, verbs can have an separable prefix. In infinitive they attach before the verb E.g., uffmachen 'to open':

    Separable prefixes: aan-, ab-, aus-, ausnanner-, bei-, dorrich-, for-, fort-, hin-, uff-, zu-,

    Lesson (in Portuguese)about separable prefixes.

    Inseparable prefixes

    Verbs can also have prefixes that are not separated in any form. E.g., beschreive 'to describe':

    Inseparable prefixes: be-, fer-, ge-, er-, ent-

    Lesson (in Portuguese)about inseparable prefixes.

    Prefixes that are either separable of inseparable


    Verbs with Specific Forms in Past

    Some verbs form the past synthetically in contrast to the vast majority that is formed with the help of an auxiliary.


    aanannerbappe, aanannerbinne, aanannergehn, aanbacke, aanbappe, aanbasse, aanbiede, aanbinne, aandun, ap xeele, aussihn, baade, beise, benutze, bleive, blude, brenne, brille, brumme, daafe, danke, do sin, drehe, dreime, dreive, dresche, drinke, dulle, dun, ennre, esse, faare, ferbasse, fresse, frohe, gehn, glaave, hellfe, hon, kaue, keime, kemme, kenne, kerze, kiele, kisse, kitzle, klappre, klatsche, klemme, klettre, kloppe, kneppe, knippe, koche, komme, konsumiere, koste, kotze, krache, kratze, kraule, kreische, kritisiere, laade, laafe, lache, lande, lechle, lecke, leere, lehe, lehne, leide, leie, lenke, lerne, lese, leve, liehe, lieve, lockre, lohne, losse, love, lutsche, maale, mache, maure, melke, messe, miete, misse, mitbringe, mitkomme, mitmache, mitsinge, mitspiele, motze, nausgehn, neere, nehe, nemme, nenne, niese, ningehn, nutze, opfre, ordne, packe, petze, picke, pisse, platze, poliere, puffe, pumpe, quatsche, quele, rangle, rappe, rauche, rausche, rechne, reffe, rehne, reiche, reichre, reide, reife, reise, reive, renne, repple, rette, richte, rieche, riwle, rode, roppe, rufe, ruhe, rëghiere, saan, salse, sammle, saufe, schaffe, schalle, scheele, scheine, schelle, scheme, schicke, schlachte, schleppe, schlicke, schliese, schlofe, schmecke, schmelze, schnalle, schneide, schnuffle, schone, schrappe, schrecke, schuppe, schutze, schwelle, schwimme, schwitze, sehe, seie, setze, sihn, sin, singe, sinke, sitze, solle, spanne, sperre, spiele, spreche, springe, spritze, spucke, stampe, steche, stecke, steere, stehle, stehn, steie, stelle, sterrve, sterze, sticke, stimme, stinke, stolpre, stoppe, strecke, streiche, streichle, stricke, strofe, strome, suche, suckle, suttle, sërviere, tanke, trample, traue, trede, treffe, trenne, trieve, tunke, uffgehn, umbringe, umfalle, umkomme, wache, wachse, wackle, walse, wechsle, weele, wehmache, weie, weise, werre, wesche, wette, weve, wichse, wickle, winge, winsche, wische, wisse, wohne, wolle, zanke, zeche, zeichne, ziehe, zittre, zuckre, zumache, zweifle, zwinge.