• Language: Krymchak
  • Alternate names: Judeo-Crimean Turkish, Krimchak, кърымчах тыльы
  • Language code: jct
  • Language family: Altaic, Turkic, Western, Ponto-Caspian
  • Number of speakers: ~100
  • Script: Cyrillic script


The Krymchak language is the language spoken in Crimea by the Krymchak people. It is often considered to be a Crimean Tatar? dialect. Like most Jewish languages, it contains a large number of Hebrew loanwords.

The Krymchak Alphabet

Before the Soviet era it was written using Hebrew characters. In the Soviet Union in the 1930s this language was written with the Uniform Turkic Alphabet (a variant of the Latin alphabet), like Crimean Tatar and Karaim). Now it is written in Cyrillic script.