• Language: Khanty
  • Alternate names: Hanty, Khant, Khanti, Ostyak, Xanty
  • Language code: kca
  • Language family: Uralic, Khantyic, Northern Khanty
  • Number of speakers: 13600
  • Script: Cyrillic script

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    Khanty is a language of the Khant peoples. It is spoken in Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous okrugs, as well as in Aleksandrovsky and Kargosoksky districts of Tomsk Oblast in Russia.

    For the Khants, the Mansi language is the nearest kindred language. The Khants and Mansi languages began to branch off from their common Ob-Ugric proto-language in the 13th century, approximately.

    Khanty Dialects

    Due to the vast area and sparse population, the Khant language divides into numerous dialects. The two main dialect groups are the western and the eastern dialects.

    There are 13 vernaculars. The differences between these dialects are noticeable and they hamper communication.

    The Verb

    Sample verb: мина mina 'to go'

    Person Past
    Sg.1 ма ариԓам
    Sg.2 нӑӈ ариԓан
    Sg.3 ԓўв арийԓ
    Du.1 мин ариԓман
    Du.2 нын ариԓтан
    Du.3 лын ариԓӈӑн
    Pl.1 мўӈ ариԓув
    Pl.2 нын ариԓты
    Pl.3 ԓўв ариԓӈӑт


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