• Language: Kistane
  • Alternate names: North Gurage, Soddo, Soddo Gurage
  • Language code: gru
  • Language family: Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, West Semitic, Ethiosemitic, South Ethiopic, Outer South Ethiopic, N-Group
  • Number of speakers: 255000
  • Script: Ethiopic script.

More information:


    Kistane is a Gurage language spoken by a quarter million people in southeastern Ethiopia. It is an Ethiopian Semitic language of the Northern Gurage subfamily. Its native speakers, the Soddo Gurage people (Kistane), live predominantly in the Soddo district of the Gurage Zone.

    The Kistane Verb

    Main affirmative pastqättäl-o
    Main negative pastal-qätälä
    Relative affirmative pastyä-qättälä
    Relative negative pasty-al-qätälä
    Main affirmative non-pastyəqätl-u
    Main negative non-pastt-iqätl
    Relative affirmative non-pastyəqätl
    Relative negative non-pasta-yqätl