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    Leonese is a language that developed from Vulgar Latin with contributions from the pre-Roman languages which were spoken in the territory of the Spanish provinces of León, Zamora, and Salamanca and in some villages in the District of Bragança, Portugal.

    Close to Mirandese and Asturian or Bable, it belongs to Leonese or Astur-Leonese subgroup of Iberian languages. In fact, most authors speak of a Leonese language or historical dialect from Latin, and of Asturian and Mirandese as co-dialects of Leonese.

    Verb Types

    Leonese verbs are divided in regular and irregular verbs. The vast majority of the verbs are regular.

    All the verbs are also divided in conjugation groups according to the ending in the infinitive:

    Sample verb (1st conjugation): falare

    Indicative Subjunctive Potential Imperative
    Present Imperfect Preterite Pluperfect Present Imperfect Future Conditional
    Sg.1 falo falaba faléi falara fale falara falaréi falarié / falaría -