Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Livvi
  • Alternate names: Olonetsian, Olonets, Livvikovian, Livvikovskij Jazyk, Southern Karelian
  • Language code: olo
  • Language family: Uralic, Finnic, Coastal Finnic, Neva, North Finnic, Ladogan, East Ladoga
  • Number of speakers: 19314
  • Vulnerability: Endangered [Read more...]
  • Script: Latin script

More information:


    Livvi is the variety of Karelian language spoken by Olonets Karelians, traditionally inhabiting the area between Ladoga and Onega lakes, northward of Svir River.

    Before World War II, Olonets Karelian was spoken both in Russia and in Finland, in the easternmost part of Finnish Karelia. After Finland was forced to cede large parts of Karelia to the USSR after the war, the Finnish Olonets Karelian population was resettled in Finland. Today there are still native speakers of Olonets Karelian living scattered throughout Finland, but all areas in which Olonets Karelian remain a community language are found in Russia.

    The Verb

    Verb conjugation of Livvi follows follows to a great extent that of Karelian.

    Sample verb: pestäkseh 'to wash onself'

    Present Past
    Sg.1 pezemmös pezimmös pessemmös pezizimmös -
    Sg.2 pezettös pezittös pessettös pezizittös pezei
    Sg.3 pezehes (pezeh) pezihes (pezih) pessehes pezizihes peskähes
    Pl.1 pezemmökseh pezimmökseh pessemmökseh pezizimmökseh peskiämmökseh
    Pl.2 pezettökseh pezittökseh pessettökseh pezizittökseh peskiättökseh
    Pl.3 pestähes pestihes pestähes pestäzihes pestähes

    The table above doesn't contain compound tenses formed with auxilary verbs;