Louisiana Creole French

Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Louisiana Creole French
  • Alternate names: Louisiana Creole, Kouri-Vini
  • Language code: lou
  • Language family: Indo-European, Classical Indo-European, Italic, Latino-Faliscan, Latinic, Imperial Latin, Romance, Italo-Western Romance, Western Romance, Shifted Western Romance, Northwestern Shifted Romance, Gallo-Rhaetian, Langues d'oïl, Central Oil, Macro-French, Circum-Caribbean French
  • Creole language
  • Number of speakers: 80000
  • Vulnerability: Endangered [Read more...]
  • Script: Latin script

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    Louisiana Creole French is a French-based creole language spoken by fewer than 10,000 people, mostly in the state of Louisiana. It is spoken today by people who racially identify as white, black, mixed, and Native American, as well as Cajun, Louisiana Creole, and African American, and should not be confused with its sister language, Louisiana French, which is a dialect of the French language.

    The Louisiana Creole French Verb

    Like other creole languages, Louisiana Creole features preverbal markers of tense, aspect and mood.

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