• Language: Mbre
  • Alternate names: Bere, Bre, Pre, Pre Pisia, Bɛrɛ, Pere
  • Language code: mka
  • Language family: Niger-Congo, Volta-Congo, Unclassified Volta-Congo
  • Number of speakers: 200
  • Vulnerability: Endangered [Read more...]
  • Script: Latin script

More information:


    Mbre language is a endangered language spoken in Ivory Coast. It is spoken in Marabadiassa area, northwest of Bouake and Diabo, Bondosso and Niantibo villages.

    Speakers are shifting to the neighboring Manding language Koros, and the language has large numbers of Manding loan words. The interest of Mbre is that it is not aligned with any of the major branches of Niger-Congo.

    The Mbre Verb

    Verb stems are marked tonally for aspect, either perfective or imperfective. The perfective stem also functions as positive imperative. Either perfective or imperfective are possible in hortatives. In addition to the basic perfective and imperfective forms, additional special forms of the verb occur in the prohibitive, and the progressive. Future, two past-time categories, hortative, and negative (including prohibitive) are marked by separate particles or clause-final enclitics.


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