Media Lengua


  • Language: Media Lengua
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code: mue
  • Language family: Mixed Language, Spanish-Quechua
  • Number of speakers: 200
  • Script:

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    Media Lengua, also known as Chaupi-shimi, Chaupi-lengua, Chaupi-Quichua, QuichuaƱol, Chapu-shimi or llanga-shimi, is a mixed language with Spanish vocabulary and Kichwa grammar, most conspicuously in its morphology. In terms of vocabulary, almost all lexemes (89%), including core vocabulary, are of Spanish origin and appear to conform to Kichwa phonotactics. Media Lengua is one of the few widely acknowledged examples of a "bilingual mixed language" in both the conventional and narrow linguistic sense because of its split between roots and suffixes. Such extreme and systematic borrowing is only rarely attested, and Media Lengua is not typically described as a variety of either Kichwa or Spanish. Arends et al., list two languages subsumed under the name Media Lengua: Salcedo Media Lengua and Media Lengua of Saraguro. The northern variety of Media Lengua, found in the province of Imbabura, is commonly referred to as Imbabura Media Lengua and more specifically, the dialect varieties within the province are known as Pijal Media Lengua and Angla Media Lengua.

    The Media Lengua Verb

    The Media Lengua verb receives regular suffixes, as in Quechua.

    Personal Suffixes

    Tense-Aspect-Mood markers