• Language: Mesqan
  • Alternate names: Masqan, Meskan, Mäsqan
  • Language code: mvz
  • Language family: Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, West Semitic, Ethiosemitic, South Ethiopic, Outer South Ethiopic, TT-Group
  • Number of speakers: 195000
  • Script: Unwritten.

More information:


    Mesqan is an Afro-Asiatic language spoken by the Gurage people in the Gurage Zone of Ethiopia.

    The Mesqan Verb

    Main affirmative pastqättälä
    Main negative pastan-qätälä
    Relative affirmative pastyä-qättälä
    Relative negative pasty-an-qätälä
    Main affirmative non-pastyəqätəl
    Main negative non-paste-qätəl
    Relative affirmative non-pastyəqätəl
    Relative negative non-paste-qätəl