Middle High German

Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Middle High German
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code: gmh
  • Language family: Indo-European, Classical Indo-European, Germanic, Northwest Germanic, West Germanic, High German, Upper German, Middle-Modern High German
  • Number of speakers: Extinct
  • Script: Latin alphabet, Gothic script

More information:


    Middle High German is the term used for the period in the history of the German language between 1050 and 1350.

    Middle High German is not a unified written language and the term covers two main dialect areas:

    German Language Periods

    The verb

    The Old High German verb had

    Sample verb nëmen 'to take'

    Person Indicative Subjunctive Imperative
    Present Preterite Present Preterite
    Sg.1 nime nam nëme næme -
    Sg.2 nim(e)st næme nëmest næmest nim
    Sg.3 nim(e)t nam nëme næme -
    Pl.1 nëmen na'men nëmen næmen -
    Pl.2 nëm(e)t na'met nëmet næmet nëmet
    Pl.3 nëment na'men nëmen næmen -


    The Nibelungenlied, translated as The Song of the Nibelungs, is an epic poem written around 1200 in Middle High German.