Huitoto, Murui


  • Language: Huitoto, Murui
  • Alternate names: Bue, Witoto
  • Language code: huu
  • Language family: Huitotoan, Nuclear Witotoan, Minica-Murui
  • Number of speakers: 7,800.
  • Vulnerability: Threatened [Read more...]
  • Script: Latin script.

More information:


    Murui Huitoto is an indigenous American Huitoto language of the Witotoan family. Murui is spoken along the banks of the Putumayo, Cara-Paraná and Igara-Paraná rivers in Colombia. In Peru it spoken in the North alongside the Ampiyacu and Napo rivers. Some Murui speakers live also outside their territories, for instance the vicinity of Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia.

    The Huitoto, Murui Verb

    The verbs are conjugated with a verb root to which TAM (tense, aspect, and modality) markers are added.

    Huitoto languages speaking area
    Huitoto languages speaking area on the border between Peru and Colombia.

    The TAM markers are the following: