Idiom Neutral


  • Language: Idiom Neutral
  • Created: 1902
  • Alternate names: Neutral, the Neutral language
  • Language code: cneu
  • Language family: Conlang
  • Script: Latin script


Idiom Neutral is an international auxiliary language, published in 1902 by the International Academy of the Universal Language (Akademi Internasional de Lingu Universal) under the leadership of Waldemar Rosenberger, a St. Petersburg engineer.

The Academy, was set up to conserve and perfect the auxiliary language Volapük. Under Rosenberger the group began to make considerable changes in the grammar and vocabulary of Volapük. The vocabulary was almost completely replaced by words more closely resembling those used in Western European languages, and a number of grammatical forms unfamiliar to Western Europeans were discarded. It was understood that the changes effectively resulted in the creation of a new language, which was named “Idiom Neutral”.

In 1908 the Akademi which had created Idiom Neutral effectively chose to abandon it in favor of Latino sine flexione, a simplified form of Latin developed by Italian mathematician Giuseppe Peano.

The verb

All verbs are regular. Verbs are not conjugated in person or number.

Sample verb: amar

Indicative Conditional Imperative Participle
Present am amerio Sg.2: ama!
Pl.1: amam!
Pl.2: amate!
Past amav - - amed
future amero - - -
Perfect av amed averio amed - -
Pluperfect avev amed - - -
Future perfect avero amed - - -