Nez Perce


  • Language: Nez Perce
  • Alternate names: Nuumiipuutimt, Nuumiipuutímt
  • Language code: nez
  • Language family: Sahaptian
  • Number of speakers: 200
  • Vulnerability: Endangered [Read more...]
  • Script: Latin script.

More information:


    Nez Perce, also spelled Nez Percé or called Nimipuutímt, is a Sahaptian language related to the several dialects of Sahaptin. Nez Perce is an endangered language and is currently spoken by an estimated 60-70 fluent speakers the majority of whom reside on the Nez Perce reservation (ID). A small number of speakers of the Lower River Nez Perce dialect reside on the Umatilla (OR) and Colville (WA) Indian reservations.

    The Nez Perce language is a polysynthetic language and, as such, it displays an enriched morphological system whereby complex propositions can be expressed at the level of a single word.

    The Nez Perce Verb