• Language: Tamasheq
  • Alternate names: Kidal Tamasheq, Tomacheck, Tamashekin, "Tuareg", Timbuktu, Kidal
  • Language code: taq
  • Language family: Afro-Asiatic, Berber, Tuareg, Southern Tuareg
  • Number of speakers: 281169
  • Script: Tifinagh script, Arabic script, Latin script

More information:


    Tamasheq is a Berber language spoken by the Tuareg.

    The verb

    Tamasheq verbs jave four aspects:

    1. Perfective: complete actions
    2. Stative: "lasting states as the ongoing results of a completed action."
    3. Imperfective: future or possible actions, "often used following a verb expressing emotion, decision or thought," it can be marked with "'ad'" (shortened to "'a-'" with prepositions).
    4. Cursive: ongoing actions, often habitual ones.

    Conjugation in Tamasheq is done by adding suffixes (prefixes, postfixes or both) to a root. The triliteral roots (three-consonant bases) are the most common in Tamasheq.

    Sample verb: ktb 'to write'

    In the following table the prefixes and postfixes are marked in bold.


    Sg.3 m.iktab
    Sg.3 f.tektab
    Pl.2 m.tektabam
    Pl.2 f.tektabmat
    Pl.3 m.ektaban
    Pl.3 f.ektabnat