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  • Language: Tayo
  • Alternate names: Kaldosh, Caldoche, Patois, Patois de St-Louis
  • Language code: cks
  • Language family: Indo-European, Classical Indo-European, Italic, Latino-Faliscan, Latinic, Imperial Latin, Romance, Italo-Western Romance, Western Romance, Shifted Western Romance, Northwestern Shifted Romance, Gallo-Rhaetian, Langues d'oïl, Central Oil, Macro-French
  • Creole language
  • Number of speakers: 2000
  • Script:

More information:


    Tayo is a French-based Creole spoken in New Caledonia. It is the community language of one village, Saint-Louis, which is situated approximately 17 kilometres from the capital Noumea.

    From 1860 Saint-Louis was a Marist mission that attracted groups of Melanesians speaking a number of mutually incomprehensible languages to the mission schools or seminary. Workers from various ethnic and social backgrounds, including people from Reunion Island, India, Vanuatu, Java (Indonesia) as well as French convicts worked the land in and around the mission.

    Tayo emerged by about 1920 out of a need for a language of inter-ethnic communication. Its lexicon is drawn mainly from French (the French of the Marists, of the convicts and possibly from the varieties of Reunion creole spoken by the planters and indentured workers who came into contact with the Kanaks of Saint-Louis).

    The verb

    Tayo grammar and syntax are strongly influenced by the Melanesian languages of the early inhabitants but structures also have conguence with varieties of French and, to some extent, with Reunion creole?.

    Sample verb: arive

    sa; sola; lesotarive

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