Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Udmurt
  • Alternate names: votiak, udmurt, ud-murt, Wotiaki, votskij, Oudmourte (fra), Votiaco (spa), Votyak, udmurt kyl, Votjakisch, udmurty, Wotjakisch, udmurtskij jazyk, Votiak, Ari
  • Language code: udm
  • Language family: Uralic, Permian
  • Number of speakers: 550,000 (Language use
  • Vulnerability: Threatened [Read more...]
  • Script: Cyrillic

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    Udmurt speaking areas in Russia

    Udmurt is an Uralic language spoken by the Udmurt natives of the Russian constituent republic of Udmurtia, where it is coofficial with Russian. Most people are bilingual in Russian.

    Udmurt is written in the Cyrillic script with five additional characters (Ӝ/ӝ, Ӟ/ӟ, Ӥ/ӥ, Ӧ/ӧ, and Ӵ/ӵ). Udmurt has borrowed vocabulary from the neighboring languages Tatar and Russian.

    The Udmurt language has many features in common with other Finnic languages, such as the negative verb for example.

    The verb

    The Udmurt verbs are are conjugated in

    Like in Finnish for example, verbs are negated by use of an auxiliary negative verb that conjugates with personal endings.

    Sample verb

    Sg.1кырӟасько 'I sing'уг кырӟаськы 'I do not sing'
    Sg.2кырӟаськод 'you sing'уд кырӟаськы 'you do not sing'
    Sg.3кырӟа 'he/she/it sings'уг кырӟа 'he/she/it does not sing'
    Pl.1кырӟаськомы 'we sing'ум кырӟаське 'we do not sing'
    Pl.2кырӟаськоды 'you sing'уд кырӟаське 'you do not sing'
    Pl.3кырӟало 'they sing'уг кырӟало 'they do not sing'