Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Uusisuo
  • Created: 2001
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code: cuus
  • Language family: Conlang
  • Script: Latin script


Uusisuom (by Daniel Tammet) is an international auxiliary language. Its main purpose is to help bring people together and to broaden mental horizons.

The verb

Sample verb: talti

Affirmative forms Negative forms
Present Past Future Conditional Present Past Future Conditional
Sg.1 talan talanju talansu talanvo Sg.1 en tal enju tal ensu tal envo tal
Sg.2 talet taletju taletsu taletvo Sg.2 et tal etju tal etsu tal etvo tal
Sg.3 talollu talolluju talollusu talolluvo Sg.3 ellu tal elluju tal ellusu tal elluvo tal
Pl.1 talamme talammeju talammesu talammevo Pl.1 emme tal emmeju tal emmesu tal emmevo tal
Pl.2 talatte talatteju talattesu talattevo Pl.2 ette tal etteju tal ettesu tal ettevo tal
Pl.3 talanne talanneju talannesu talannevo Pl.3 enne tal enneju tal ennesu tal ennevo tal