• Language: Veluws
  • Alternate names: Veluwe
  • Language code: vel
  • Language family: Indo-European, Classical Indo-European, Germanic, Northwest Germanic, West Germanic, North Sea Germanic, Altsächsisch, Middle-Modern Low German, Low German, West Low German, Westphalic
  • Number of speakers: ?
  • Script: Latin

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    Veluws is a Dutch Low Saxon dialect which is spoken on the Veluwe.

    The verb

    The two main dialects -- West Veluws and East Veluws -- differ in the plural forms. While West Veluws uses the same endings as Dutch -en, East Veluws uses -t.

    For example: in East Veluws they say ie warkt/wärkt (you are working) and in West Veluws jie warken/waarken (you are working).

    Sample verb: loop'n 'to walk'

    Sg.1 ik loop; lope
    Sg.2 jie lopen
    Sg.3 hie;hij loop; loopt
    Pl.1 wulie; wie lopen
    Pl.2 zulie; zie; zee
    Pl.3 julie; julien

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