Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Vod
  • Alternate names: Votian, Vote, Vodian, Votish, Votic
  • Language code: vot
  • Language family: Uralic, Finnic
  • Number of speakers: 25
  • Script: Cyrillic script, Latin script


Vod is the language spoken by the Votes of Ingria. It is closely related to Estonian. Vod is spoken only in Krakolye and Luzhitsy, two villages in the Kingisepp district, and is close to extinction.

The Verb

Vod alphabet.

Vod has six tenses, two of which are basic: present, imperfect; and the rest of which are compound tenses: present perfect, past perfect, future and future perfect. There are three moods (conditional, imperative, potential), and two 'voices' (active and passive).

Caution however should be used with the term 'passive', with Baltic-Finnic languages though as a result of the fact that it is more active and 'impersonal' (it has an oblique 3rd person marker, and so is not really 'passive').

Sample verb: juwwa 'to drink'

Present Past
Sg.1 jôn jõin jônenen jõisêsin -
Sg.2 jôt jõit jônenet jõisêsit
Sg.3 jôb jõi jôneneb jõisêsi -
Pl.1 jômma jõimma jônenemma jõisêsimma -
Pl.2 jôtta jõitta jônenetta jõisêsitta jôkô
Pl.3 jôvat jõiwat jônewat jõisêsivat -