• Language: Biao
  • Alternate names: Gang Bau, Kang Bau, Kang Beu, Kang Pau
  • Language code: byk
  • Language family: Tai-Kadai, Kam-Tai, Kam-Sui
  • Number of speakers: 80000
  • Script:


Biao is a language of China. It is spoken in Guangdong Province, southwest corner of Huaiji county, Shidong, Yonggu, Dagang, Liangcun, and Qiaotou districts; Fengkai county, Chang’an, Jinzhuang, and Qixing districts, several villages.


Minor dialect differences, but all mutually intelligible.

The Biao Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitekat7
to blowtshœi1
to breathesɔk9 hi5
to burntiau42, tsau4
to buyɔ1
to choosethɛu3
to climbka4, kwa4
to comenaŋ1
to cooktsuŋ2
to countkai5
to cryta1 phɔ1
to cut, hacktiak9
to die, be deadθa1
to digkwat8, wɛt9
to dreammuŋ6
to eatki1, kun31
to fearsip7
to flowlai1
to flypan5
to growput9
to hearthiaŋ5
to hidepuk8
to hitkut7
to holdȵam1, tuk7
to killthɔŋ1
to know, be knowledgeablehɛu1
to laughly6 wɔ2
to lie downpaŋ6
to live, be alivekyn6
to open, uncoverhoi1, hoi3
to pound, beatta:p10
to saykɔŋ1
to seetiat55, tsiŋ3
to sewtshia3, tshyn1
to shootsia6
to sitnaŋ6, phø42
to sleephan5
to sniff, smellham5
to spitphiɔ3
to splitfan3
to standȵyn1, lyn33
to stealθak8, mø33
to sucksɔk9
to swellhuk8
to swimta1 øm5
to thinknam3
to throwfak7, san5
to tie up, fastentɛu4, tsa:t9
to walkha:ŋ2, poi1, pui33
to vomitau1
to yawntsha:ŋ5 θuk7